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ATTENTION: Partner Visa Applicants & Sponsors

Anyone researching or interested in applying for the following Australian visa (820, 309 or Prospective Marriage visa) you have come to the right place! Accordingly, there are 3 things you should do on this page:

Step 1) Read the Welcome Letter;
Step 2) Download the free Webclass Workbook; and
Step 3) Watch the Webclass.
Step 1 - Welcome Letter
Hi there 👋 

Martin Salvo here (pictured above), Immigration Lawyer (10 years+) and director of Australia's leading immigration agency, Salvo Migration (to get to know me a little more, you may wish to have a look at our YouTube channel here where you will find me in many videos). 

More importantly, if you are looking for more information on Australian Partner visas then you have come to the right place! 

In my many years in the industry I have been fortunate enough to be able help hundreds of couples secure their Partner visas to Australia (you can find some of our approvals here). After a while, you start to understand exactly what the Australian Government really looks for when they assess relationships against the legal criteria for a Partner visa. This often goes well beyond just attaching a few photos, statements, your marriage certificate and assuming your relationship meets the requirements. The onus is on you (the APPLICANT) to prove to the Government that the relationship is more than just boyfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend or girlfriend/girlfriend. But how exactly do you do this? How does one really show that they are committed to their defacto or married partner to the extent needed? 

Well, to dive into these topics and help you avoid a Partner visa refusal, I have put together this Free Webclass which you can watch below. The class goes for approximately 45 minutes and if you stick around to the end, you have my guarantee that you will feel much more informed about the Partner visa process, as well as specifically gain a in-depth understanding of the following very important areas:
✅ The three main reasons that can lead to Partner visa refusals;

✅ The different Partner visa options that may be available to you/your partner, including onshore and offshore alternatives;

✅ What it means to be in a defacto or married relationship and the types of evidence you will be expected to collect as part of your visa application;

✅ Why it is critical that your application be prepared as thoroughly as possible prior to applying for the visa, otherwise known as meeting 'Time of Application' criteria; 

✅ The No.1 free tool you can use to prepare a better Australian Partner visa application.

All in all, I help the information contained in this Webclass (and Workbook) helps you and your partner in some way or another. For anyone wanting to discuss their case specifically, you can book a Free Strategy Session by clicking below.
Warm Regards,
Martin Salvo
Senior Immigration Lawyer
MARN 1175200
Step 2 - Download the Webclass Workbook
The purpose of the 21-Page Webclass Workbook is to:

✅ Allow you and your partner to get the most of out of the free Webclass;
✅ Allow you and your partner to work through the topics we discuss in the Webclass;
✅ Have a printable option if you would like to keep notes during the Webclass;
✅ Written breakdown of the three main reasons Partner visas are refused to Australia, and of course, how you can avoid them;
✅ Easy to understand diagrams on Partner visa options, legal requirements and strategies you and your partner can use when submitting an Australian partner visa;
✅ Workbook exercises designed to help you and your partner work through and better understand the main concepts outlined in the Webclass; and
✅ 100% Free. Instantly downloadable.
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Step 3 - Watch the Webclass!
'Hot to Get Your Australian Partner Visa Approved (And Avoid The Top 3 Reasons for Refusal)'
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Martin Salvo (MARN 1175200)
Immigration Lawyer
Director of Salvo Migration
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